To Organic or non-Organic that is the question – Some food for thought

by Mark Wolff

Lately there has been a lot of debate around organic and non-organic whether it actually makes a difference.
Recently there was a nutritionist on the radio debating that organic food was not actually beneficial, and everyone that approached me that day had something to say about it. I never actually heard the debate, maybe she was speaking strictly from a nutrient point of view, which is highly debatable anyway. But I would rather take advice from the likes of Dr Patrick Holford, around these types of issues.

However, that is not my reason for favouring organic products. Mine is purely from a point of not ingesting nonsense.
Many years ago I worked in the banana plantations while living abroad and had first hand exposure to all the goings on behind the scenes.

I wont get into the science of how a banana tree is grown to produce fruit, but basically it consists of multiple seedlings then trees growing around the main fruit bearing tree. In order to ensure maximum energy transfer to the fruit bearing tree so that the bunch size is maximized, the other little surrounding trees are killed.

This was done by injecting benzene into them.

Of course it does not just disappear into thin air but seeps into the ground and eventually gets absorbed into the main fruit bearing roots. Bottom line, those bananas definitely contained traces of benzene, and some lab testing done on those fields produced some shocking results. When someone says to you fuel up on bananas you can take that quite to heart.
My main point however is that as consumers we are never exposed to the processes of getting food to our shelves, and if we were we might land up starving ourselves for fear of being poisoned.Yes, organic produce is highly expensive, and most will go for non-organic produce. I just advise you to think twice when you have the choice, because the evidence for non-organic food composition, is as I put it quite shocking.

My advice to you is, take a look at your weekly menu and switch the most eaten produce to organic, and then move to the next. In this case, its not about what you are wanting to take in, but what you are wanting to avoid taking in.

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