About The Fitness Freak

by Mark Wolff
About The Fitness Freak
Mark Wolff is a certified exercise & sports nutritionist. An Endurance, nutrition, and physiology expert with over 20 years of experience.
Mark is an endurance and multi-sport athlete with a running, triathlon, mountain biking, and weightlifting background.
He works with professional and amateur athletes in a variety of sports disciplines. As well as those wanting to just change their lifestyle. He believes that a person can only reach their full potential when health and nutrition are given the proper focus.
Mark focuses not only on training and racing but he places a major emphasis on; recovery, immune system health, emotional stability, stress management, and performance.
Mark is co-founder of 32Gi, a sports nutrition company, focused on health and endurance nutrition. He is also co-founder of Rapid Recover, focused on pneumatic compression equipment to improve circulation for recovery, rehabilitation, and health.
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