Recovery & Immune Boosting Smoothie

by Mark Wolff
Recovery & Immune Boosting Smoothie

Since we started the topic of protein, this week’s recipe is a protein immune boosting smoothie post workout 😉

All you need for 2 servings is:

½ cup berries (Blueberry/Raspberry/Strawberry) I like to mix at least two varieties together
1 banana
1 heaped table spoon almond butter
1 teaspoon of Organic ground coffee
2 Table spoons of vanilla or chocolate 32Gi Recover protein powder
2 glasses of soya or rice or oats milk
flat table spoon of raw cocoa nibs

Add +-6 ice cubes, and blend till they are crushed, serve top with ground cinnamon and drink.

For variety you can also use pomegranate juice or water instead of the milks 🙂

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